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About Us

Company History

CIMPLASTA was founded by Mario Rossi in 1959. The purpose of the organization was the processing of thermoset phenolic powders and fiberglass.

In the 1960s, the use of thermoplastic resins began, which today constitute CIMPLASTA’s core business.

In the 1980s, innovation and restructuring began with the introduction of technologies such as multi-material molding, IMD, IML, special material molding and Heat Transfer decoration.

All activities are integrated in a flow that starts with co-design, F.E.M. analysis, prototyping and extends to the realization of the finished product, even in complex assemblies.

The operational activities are carried out in a complex of 17,800 m2. 8,000 m2 of this area is indoors.

Our mission is to accomplish full customer satisfaction through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Our ability to provide a comprehensive and highly professional service is the basis of our goal-oriented business philosophy. Every year, we invest in technology and accumulation of know-how to surpass the challenges brought by the market.Furthermore, we shorten the period required for our products to be launched on the market hence searching and attaining a higher level of professional expertise.

Overcoming complex problems in a narrow time frame is a goal we pursue on a daily basis and is also at the heart of our commitment to continuous and progressive improvement. Assisting the customer starting from the very first stages of a new product concept and walking along the way with them has become an essential strategic element at Cimplasta. Our uniquness lies in our constant motivation in our desire to continuously improve our services.

Our History

  • 1954

    Cimplasta was founded.

  • 1970

    First thermoplastic item molded.

  • 1998

    Biinjection technology

  • 2008

    New plant extension

  • 2009

    IML Technology

  • 2010


  • 2011

    Heat Transfer

  • 2012

    IMA & High speed molding

  • 2018

    New plant externsion

  • 2019

    LIPM (Heat & Cool)

  • 2021

    New plant extension

  • 2022

    Intensive warehouse

Our mission is to fully satisfy our customers through the use of partnership and advanced Technologies.