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  • Development Project department assit our customer in a complete co-design activity.
  • Ideas We offer a specialized service, following a target oriented philosophy.
  • Quality We have an internal laboratory in which we can test every characteristic.

About Us

It was built to process thermosetting phenolic powders and fiberglass.

All activities, even in the complex mounting procedures, are integrated into a process that begins with joint design, F.E.M. analysis, and prototyping followed by creating the finished product.

The operational activities are carried out in a complex of 17,800 m2. 8,000 m2 of this area is indoors.



Mechanical Part Transfer; With this solution, the physical movement of the part from one station to another takes place, thus reducing the complexity of the molds and allowing multi-material molding.

Mobile In-Mold Gusset; This is the simplest multi-material molding technology thanks to the presence of a hydraulically driven system inside the mold. A special plug (slider) provides replacement of the filling reservoir.

Index Plate; This is the most refined technology and involves rotating an intermediate plate between the movable and fixed part of the mold; thanks to this mechanism, an integrated replacement of the Decoupage Decoupage is possible.

Turntable; This is a system in which a half die can rotate up to 180° to change the male-female coupling. Cimplast also has a three-component technology in which the rotation of the mold occurs at 120° so that the three resins can be injected separately.

In many applications, these technologies are combined (for example, a turntable and a movable dowel).

Special Materials

We produce components filled with silicone, carbon fibers, steel fibers (with triboelectric and mass conductivities lower than 90 Ohm), bronze, molybdenum disulfide, teflon and carbon. In addition to the fillers, we use advanced technopolymers, such as PEEK (with different fillers), PPS, and thermoplastic silicones. Thanks to the experience accumulated from different product sectors, we are able to solve metal replacement problems. We utilize our vast experience in advanced sectors, such as aeronautics, to offer all our customers innovative support in the replacement of materials.

Heat Transfer

This technology allows us to transfer graphics up to 12 different colors directly onto printed pieces. Graphics can be composed of four colors with photographic effects.

High Speed

We have a department certified for clean room use. The presses installed allow high-speed production (typically food packaging) to obtain thin-layered products (typically food packaging).


After long-standing cooperation and signed agreements with qualified suppliers, we are now able to supply a wide range of surface coatings.

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